While I’m working on my post about this year’s ACN, here are a couple of items worth taking a look at.

First, there’s the September 30th edition of Ken Hite’s Out of the Box column, which has comments on some of his indie game acquisitions from this year’s GenCon, including Vincent Baker’s Dogs in the Vineyard, Matt Snyder’s Nine Worlds, and Jared Sorensen’s very weird Lacuna. I’ve already got a copy of Nine Worlds, though I need to give it a closer read than I have so far, and I’ve also got an early version of Lacuna, but Ken has given me yet another reason to order myself a copy of Dogs.

Then over on Greg Costikyan’s weblog, there’s a review of The Nopress RPG Anthology, which contains eight original games created by the some of the fine people over at the Forge. My copy of this is on it’s way to me even as I write this, and Greg’s fairly detailed review definitely confirms my decision to buy it.

Hopefully I’ll be posting my own comments on some of these games in the not too distant future.