The Black Road was this past weekend, and it was another successful con, despite the fact that the committee (by which I mean Jenn, Deb and I) wasn’t exactly at full strength. Deb had broken her foot last Wednesday, and Jenn started in on a cold the same day, which got much worse as the con went along (and was diagnosed as a nasty URI/bronchitis combo today). Still, the show (or, in this case, the con) must go on, so both of them made the best of a bad situation, while I did what I could as the official lackey. In the end, I think things ended up working out pretty well, and most of the attendees seemed to have a great time, but I’m sure both Jenn and Deb would have enjoyed the con more without their respective medical issues.

As for my own TBR experience, I had a pretty good time, even if there was more work involved than there was last con. It was great to meet some new attendees that I only knew from online (like Bryant, Ginger & Michael, and Kris Kunkel), to spend time with some people I pretty much only see at Ambercons (including Liz T., Matt, and Jenn W.), and to get in more gaming with those friends I am fortunate enough to see on a more regular basis. I enjoyed both of the games I played in, and the three games I ran seemed to be a lot of fun for those who played in them. I’ll save the details on all of that for another post….