Now that the new gamebook is officially up, here are the games I’ll be running (or co-running) at TBR 2004.

If You Can’t Take the Heat
GMs: Michael Curry and Jennifer Jackson
Number of Players: 6-8
Game type: Crossover

Famous chefs and food personalities have been collected from Shadow Earth and brought to Amber by Florimel. They’re here to participate in a cooking competition that will decide who will take the head position in the kitchens of Amber. Of course, they’re used to the intense rivalry of the culinary world, but, given the often devious nature of those who call Amber Castle home, they may be forced to rely on more than just their gastronomic skills to succeed.

This went ridiculously well when we ran it at ACUS, so hopefully it’ll go well again.

Nine Losers in Akron
GM: Michael Curry
Number of Players: 4-8
Game type: Recast

f***. looks like one of the f***ers who hates dad finally decided to do something about it. granddad says he was down at the 7-11 last night buying his f***ing lameass porno mags, when he saw a couple of big guys dragging your dad into some beat-up panel van and driving off. a**holes. you could call the cops, but those f***ers don’t really like anybody in your loser family, so they probably won’t f***ing do anything. f***. looks like it’s up to you to get dad back.

[This is a kill puppies for satan ( game centering around a family made up of recast Amber Elders. Rules will be taught, but taking the time to check out the kpfs site before you sign up is strongly recommended. The game involves far too much foul language and plenty of things that are very wrong (like, you know, the puppy killing part), so consider yourself warned.]

Game uses the kill puppies for satan rules; rules will be taught; pregenerated characters will be provided

Yes, this really is just an excuse to run a Kill Puppies for Satan game at an Ambercon, but I think the Amber archetypes will translate over well, and hopefully a fun (if twisted) time will be had by all.

The Jewel of Zhong-Kui
GM: Michael Curry
Number of Players: 4-8
Game type: non-Amber

The day after the museum reception, a man dressed in monk’s robes appears at the door of Uncle’s Rare Finds. “The Jewel of Zhong Kui has been taken, and you must help me get it back….before it is too late!”


Players will take on the roles of Jackie, Uncle, Jade and the rest of the Jackie Chan Adventures gang, as they try to retrieve a stolen artifact and, as always, foil an evil plot. Some familiarity with the television series is highly recommended.

Pre-generated characters will be provided.

Planned as a fun, silly game, most likely using variants of the Feng Shui RPG templates (with the dice filed off) for the characters.