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April 26, 2004: 8:15 pm: Cons

The new Ambercon North web page has been updated, and both registration and game submission are now open. I know I’m planning on heading up to Toronto again this year, and I’ll be hoping to see a lot of you there.

[via Sean’s post to the adrpg LiveJournal group]

: 8:02 pm: Playing

There’s a thread over at The Masters’ Council called “It’s not easy being green”, which talks about some of the problems new players can have when joining an existing campaign, and what can be done to help them not feel somehow left out because of the experience the other players have with the game.

It’s a topic that normally wouldn’t resonate with me, as I’ve rarely been in the position of that new player (or the GM who was trying to integrate them into a game), but this time it caused me to realize that the problems being discussed were the same ones I’ve been dealing with in a PBEM that I joined back in March.

April 12, 2004: 9:54 pm: Playing

I’m currently involved in the first list-style PBEM game (meaning one where all of the moves are posted to different threads on one public-list) that I’ve ever played, and I have to admit that I’m not at all enjoying the flood of email that results from this format. For example, during the last three weeks I’ve received a total of almost 500 emails from both the in-character and OOC lists, which means roughly 165 emails a week, most of which are for threads my character isn’t involved in. At first I tried to actually read all the other threads, but now I’ve just given up, which is a shame really. Maybe I’d enjoy this style of PBEM more if it was a smaller game?

April 11, 2004: 10:22 am: Cons

Just a quick reminder to those who may not have seen Jennifer’s post on AML, SoA, or the LJ adrpg community. The deadlines for TBR 2004 are approaching, with both registration and game submission closing on April 23rd. If you’ve been thinking about registering, or submitting a game, now is the time to do it.

April 6, 2004: 10:35 pm: Miscellaneous

Game designer Jonathan Tweet played some My Life with Master and wrote about his experience here.

[via Paul Czege’s post to The Forge]

April 5, 2004: 7:46 pm: Cons

There are already several ACUS 2004 writeups out there, but here’s my slightly belated take on things. I had a great time at the con, both during and between the games, and it was nice to get to spend time with old friends (and newer ones too).