It started simply enough, with a review of the game Dead Inside that was posted over on 20×20 Room. After reading the review, and then the material over on the official Dead Inside page, I decided to head on over to RPGNow and buy myself a copy.

Eventually Dead Inside showed up in my mailbox (as I’d bought the POD version), and I liked what I saw. It was different from anything I’d seen in an RPG before, and I realized that there were probably other gems out there in the indie RPG world. This realization led me to head back to The Forge, a site I’d visited only briefly once before, and read some of the reviews posted there.

As a result, yesterday I ended up buying a PDF copy of kill puppies for satan, which seems to be a brilliant, dark, funny little game with a scary title, and now I’m thinking of buying Dust Devils, and maybe Le Mon Mouri or InSpectres too. It’s just so easy to drop $5 or $10 on the PDF of a game that sounds interesting, especially after seeing people praise it on some online forum.

Hopefully at some point in the future I’ll actually end up running or playing in one of these games myself, but for now I’m just enjoying exploring a part of the RPG hobby that I barely even knew existed.