I had meant to post these the other day (when I actually sent in the selections), but here are the games I’ve picked for this year’s ACUS:.

Slot 1: Nothing

Slot 2: Volunteering

Slot 3: Tall Tales of Pattern and Shadow

Slot 4: Ill Met in Amber [returning with Captain Wesley Hobart]

Slot 5: Love Like a Burning City [I played in the first one in 2002, so I hope to bring back Nicodemus]

Slot 6: GMing If You Can’t Take the Heat with Jennifer Jackson

Slot 7: Blaze of Glory: Laws of God and Man [returning with Amir bin Muhammad bin Ibrahim bin Nasir bin Safwan Al-Majiid (aka The Mad Arab)]

Slot 8: Nothing

Hopefully I’ll actually get into the non-campaign ones, but since I’m co-GMing (and volunteering), I expect I have a decent shot. I hope that week in March hurries up and gets here!