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February 6, 2004: 10:32 pm: Miscellaneous

Promote your cool indie RPG with a quiz…..

Free Spirit
You are a Free Spirit, a twist of soul-power with
will and personality, neither alive nor dead.
You are prey for any Being who hungers for
essence. You work hard at your play to discover
just who you are. If you are able to improve
your nature enough, you can join the Source to
be born into to whatever new life awaits. You
can appear in almost any shape and size
throughout the Spirit World; Second Sight may
reveal your hidden talents and abilities. If
killed, you evaporate into nothingness.

What Type of DEAD INSIDE Being Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

And there’s a review of the game (Dead Inside) here.

: 6:58 pm: Cons

I had meant to post these the other day (when I actually sent in the selections), but here are the games I’ve picked for this year’s ACUS:.

Slot 1: Nothing

Slot 2: Volunteering

Slot 3: Tall Tales of Pattern and Shadow

Slot 4: Ill Met in Amber [returning with Captain Wesley Hobart]

Slot 5: Love Like a Burning City [I played in the first one in 2002, so I hope to bring back Nicodemus]

Slot 6: GMing If You Can’t Take the Heat with Jennifer Jackson

Slot 7: Blaze of Glory: Laws of God and Man [returning with Amir bin Muhammad bin Ibrahim bin Nasir bin Safwan Al-Majiid (aka The Mad Arab)]

Slot 8: Nothing

Hopefully I’ll actually get into the non-campaign ones, but since I’m co-GMing (and volunteering), I expect I have a decent shot. I hope that week in March hurries up and gets here!