WISH 78: Two Characters, One Game

Do you think allowing one player to play more than one character in a game is a good or bad idea? Does the style of the game make any difference? What about the format (FTF, PBeM, etc.)?

Since I’m catching up on Game WISHes, I’ll just give the short answer for this one, which is, “It depends.”

I think, as some of those who have answered this question already have said, that the main determinant is the amount of roleplaying that is expected. It’s just hard for a player to really give more than one character the attention they deserve. In a game where deep roleplaying is required, I think having more than one character will almost inevitably result in one of the player’s characters becoming a well-drawn main character, while the others end up as roughly drawn sidekicks.

Having said that, I think that in more combat-oriented games (like D&D), having more than one character can work out just fine, and, for smaller gaming groups, may actually be the best way to go.

As for different formats, multiple characters who require RP are obviously going to work better in a PBeM setting, especially if the two characters don’t appear in the same scenes.