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December 26, 2003: 2:06 pm: Cons

This week Jenn submitted a game we intend to run at ACUS 2004.

If You Can’t Take the Heat…

Players: 6-8
GMs: Jennifer Jackson and Michael Curry

Famous chefs and food personalities have been collected from Shadow Earth and brought to Amber by Florimel. They’re here to participate in a cooking competition that will decide who will take the head position in the kitchens of Amber. Of course, they’re used to the intense rivalry of the culinary world, but, given the often devious nature of those who call Amber Castle home, they may be forced to rely on more than just their gastronomic skills to succeed.

Players will choose from among well-known cooking celebrities such as Julia Child, Ina Garten (the Barefoot Contessa), Alton Brown, or one of the Iron Chefs, and the GMs are open to suggestions. Characters will be operated on a minimum of mechanics. No actual cooking skills required.

We’re planning on the game taking place during slot 6 (as that was the slot we both had open after campaigns and such were scheduled), so hopefully that’ll work out.

Right now it looks like the listing in the ACUS game book will have us asking for 0-point Amber characters, but that’s only because it was the closest choice among those offered on the form. Actually we’re going to play minimal attention to stats for the PCs, who are all simply normal humans. Even people like Iron Chef Chinese Chen Kenichi should avoid getting into knife fights with Amberites! *grin*

: 1:53 pm: GMing

Jim Henley has an interesting post over at The 20′ By 20′ Room where he talks about one of the most difficult things to get right in an ADRPG campaign, time flow.