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December 1, 2003: 9:45 pm: Cons

Well, registration for ACUS 2004 is now open, so I went ahead and registered. Now I guess Jenn and I need to get the description finished for the game we’re hoping to run….

: 9:14 pm: Game WISH

WISH 74: Supplements You’d Like to See

Name three or more supplements (or core books, for that matter) for existing game systems that you’d like to see. Why? What inspires your interest in these supplement? What existing supplements or materials are you using instead?

I’ll start off here by saying that, as a rule, I don’t like supplements. Or maybe it’d be safer to say that I don’t like supplements when they come in overwhelming numbers. Or when, rather than just having a specific focus, each of them also tosses in a few extra skills (or abilities or classes or whatever) that probably should have been in the main rulebook. I shouldn’t have to buy five or six supplements to have access to a comprehensive list of skills.

Having said that, here are a few supplements I wouldn’t mind buying if they came out:

Amber DRPG Shadow Sorceries

A collection of different sorcery systems/traditions for use with the ADRPG, all of which have been tweaked to be able to work together with some degree of harmony. The sorcery offered in the ADRPG rulebook manages to be both dull and annoying, but trying to come up with an alternative that can still work within the Amber setting can be a pain, especially if different players want to use different systems.

There are probably other Amber supplements (Rebma? Tir? Golden Circle? Chaos?) I’d like to see too, but Shadow Knight didn’t exactly give me a lot of confidence that they’d be done right.

Nobilis…. anything for Nobilis

Okay, I don’t actually own my own copy of the rulebook yet, and I already want to see supplements. This is either a very good or a very bad sign.

GURPS Night’s Dawn

Based on Peter F. Hamilton’s The Night’s Dawn Trilogy (which came out as six books here in the U.S.), which I think would make an excellent RPG setting.

New Crobuzon RPG

A game based on China Miéville’s setting for Perdido Street Station and The Scar. It’s an amazing and complex world, which I don’t think would do very well as a GURPS book (or a d20 one either).