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November 23, 2003: 9:12 pm: Miscellaneous

Lately I’ve noticed that when I post to Flaming Monkey, the status of the blog doesn’t seem to change on the blogrolling lists of people who link to me. I can get it to update by using the form at, and when I post to Wake Up it seems to work fine, so I don’t know what’s going on.

: 8:49 pm: Game WISH

WISH 73: Player-Driven Shifts

What’s the biggest PC-driven shift you’ve ever experienced in a campaign? If you were a player, what made you feel like you could successfully change the GM’s world? If you were a GM, was this planned or something the PCs surprised you with?

At the moment I can’t recall any games where I was there for a major shift in plot (or world) that was caused by the players, as opposed to the usual evolution that is done cooperatively using player input. Reading through some of the other examples that have been offered by those tackling this week’s Game WISH, I can see that they do take place, but it doesn’t feel like a dynamic that I’ve ever witnessed in my own gaming. Have my games been unusual in that respect?

A pretty lame answer, I know, but there it is. If you’ve been in a game with me where a shift like that happened, and I’m just totally blanking on it, please feel free to point out my omission.