WISH 72: Character Interruptus

Talk about a few characters you had to stop playing before their stories felt finished. Where do you think they would have gone?

Back in the days when I was active on the old Compuserve RPGames forum, I had many characters whose games got yanked out from under them by GMs who either left the forum or, for whatever reason, decided not to keep running their games. Maybe that’s one of the reasons that since then I sometimes have trouble getting into a character’s story, which means I don’t get as attached as I otherwise might.

One that does stand out in my mind is Holden, who was my character in a PBEM game called Fires of Home, which I was in from 1998-2000. The game was set in a world made up of connected pockets of Shadow that hung in the Abyss, all sustained by a construct known as the Pyre. This meant it was cut off from the rest of the known Amberverse, at least for the most part. Holden was unique among the PCs in that he knew about Amber, the Pattern and the rest of it, as he had been trapped in this world when Brand first created it. He was also much, much older than any of the other PCs, and was in fact older than any non-Elder Amber character I’ve played before or since.

The thing that made the character really come alive was meeting Kieren (another PC), who was the daughter of one of the local nobles, and, it turned out, Holden’s niece. A near-death experience for Kieren resulted in the two of them falling deeply in love, which was a bit of a problem as they were each involved with someone else at the time.

The campaign eventually slowed and then died, which left their story unresolved. Holden has been working on a way to leave the world they were in and return to Amber, and it would have been interesting to see if their love could have survived the trials of a post-Patternfall Amber, as they were both descendants of Brand. There was also the matter of Holden’s other love interest, Kimber, who was going to be coming along with them. I’d like to think that there would have been an amicable split between Holden and Kimber, and that he and Kieren would have found some happiness back in the “real” world.