Jennifer took a bunch of good quotes at Ambercon North this year, and, since she didn’t have a good place to post them, I offered to put them up here.

Tall Tales of Pattern and Shadow
GM: Jack Gulick

Caine: Tymen
Corwin: Sean McCabe
Julian: Mark W.
Moire: Liz Wilson
Brand: Matt Andrews
Deirdre: Jenn Jackson

“I brought it home to put in the pet cemetery. [pause] With your weasel.”
-Deirdre to Brand

“We had a big storm full of misty ships following us. And it was odd. And slightly perturbing.” -Caine

“So I lead them on a merry chase…” – Caine, at various points throughout

“So the shadow took out half the ghost ships, but lost their fleet. And I removed one of Amber’s problems.” – Caine
“Very timely, considering that father had just signed a treaty with them.”
– Deirdre

“The very sad story of my pet frog….Hoppy, all started when I met Queen Moire. I was down in Rebma fishing. It’s easier because you can see the fish.” – Corwin

“When Oberon called me back, I was interviewing dogs…” – Julian

“In gratitude for his splinters, I gave him one of my guard frogs.” – Moire

“As I rode closer, my horse turned into a flying sheep. As horses are wont to do.” – Brand
“Are you sure you weren’t dreaming?” – Caine
“No… no… my dreams are much stranger than that.” – Brand

“In yet another bid to save the Universe, which is what I do. Frequently.”
– Brand

“And saved the universe…” – Brand, oft repeated
“As is his wont.” – various, at various points

“Many years ago, last week…” – several, at various points (as the time line became more twisty)
“Centuries ago, earlier today…” – Corwin

“Buried the fist mate’s dog…” – Caine
“Taking up valuable space in *our* pet cemetery.” – Julian
“It’s a very large pet cemetery.” – Caine
“To your left is the hall of hamsters.” – Brand

“Undead weasels who come down your chimney and give you gifts.” – Sean
“Small children at the mall sitting on a dead weasel’s lap.” – Jack
(after it was discovered that the sorcerer in red which Brand turned into a weasel which was subsequently killed and then resurrected as an undead guard weasel was originally Santa Claus)

“Having no sailors with me, I- ” – Caine
” – ran away?” – Deirdre
“No, no — I never run away. I just move to a better place.” – Caine
“Lead them on a merry chase.” – Julian

“We went to ask the pygmies. But they were busy having a party and eating s’mores being roasted by a dragon. With excellent chocolate. And great graham crackers. The marshmallows were only so-so.” – Corwin
“Deirdre has not yet quested for the one true marshmallow.” – Jack

“They really underestimated the might of the Rebman frog army.” – Corwin

“You may have noticed in the pet cemetery, a small stone in loving memory of Glug-glug. And you see, Glug-Glug was my mother.” – Moire in response to Julian’s question as to why Oberon invited her to Amber

“To be born on Thursday, which Brand proclaimed far and wide for weeks
previously. If you’re a wise beetle, bring gifts.” – Brand, on his own birth.
“And along came Random the Drummer Boy.” – Brand
(“Though he wasn’t to be born for several years.” – Jack)

“Candy doing strange things to the children… But they weren’t allowed in the beer room for some reason. But, of course, I had the beer. Very good beer.” – Caine, perhaps not quite realizing he was in Charlie’s Chocolate Factory
“Oh, that explains a lot.” – Deirdre

“Why do you suppose the red-headed stranger always wears a blue dress?” –
“I’m not entirely sure.” – Caine
“Because the flying sheep can hear a zipper a mile away.” – Deirdre
“Oh, perhaps I was mistaken in believing it *not* to be Brand.” – Caine

“I’m uncertain as to where the one true marshmallow is, but I’m beginning to think Brand is keeping it from you.” – Caine
“Someday I will knock you to the bottom of the Abyss for this.” – Deirdre, to Brand

“As I was running away, I realized it was, in fact, a pig, and it said – Sorry I stole your marshmallow.” – Corwin

“Corwin’s crew? Missing body parts.” – Sean
“Caine’s crew? Perfect every time.” – Tymen
“Because Caine’s crew is brand new every time.” – Jenn

“How did you distract the Jabberwock?” – Corwin
“With a zipping sound.” – Jack
“Which of course set off a stampede of flying sheep.” – Brand

“Squidy the squid?” – Sean
“Because naming conventions aren’t a skill in Amber…” – Jack
“Hey! Hoppy is a good name!” – Sean
“What was the weasel’s name again? – Jenn
“Santa!” – several, in chorus
“Right, right. And I had the Horse with No Name.” – Jenn


West Wing: 20 Hours in Chaos
GM: JP Brannan

Josh: Michael Curry
C.J.: Jenn Jackson

“The sky is a very pleasing shade of different colors.” – GM describing Chaos

“The senior warlord of Hendrake does not generally wear a pink dress.” – GM
“Serving tea in black leather works so much better.” – C.J.

“I’ll just be hiding under my bed for a while.” – Josh


You Only Llive Twice
GM: J.P. Brannan

Andreas: Mike Manolakes
Octavian: Sean McCabe
Devlin: Michael Curry
Harmony: Jenn Jackson

“It would be nice if the agents who took Llewella were dumber than us.” – Jenn
“You want everything.” – GM
“Do you mean us collectively or individually?” – Sean

“Stop making me be C.J.” – Jenn, referring to the West Wing character of the same universe
“Okay, continue to be blow-up girl.” – Sean
“I’m still stuck on blow-up girl.” – GM, five minutes later
“Great – you’re the guy with the balls, and I’m the blow-up girl.” – Jenn

“Beware of fish men.” – Octavian, sending cryptic message to other spy team