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September 24, 2003: 10:05 pm: Cons

The last few years I’ve attended Ambercon North with my best friend Jennifer, and it’s ended up being more of a vacation on Toronto with some gaming at the end than an all-out con. We go up early (and skip slots) so that we have plenty of time for things like shopping for used books and CDs, and for checking out the great restaurants in the area.

Come the weekend though, it’s time for games, and these were mine.

September 23, 2003: 11:00 pm: Miscellaneous

Flaming Monkey is a weblog where I plan to talk about my gaming experiences and thoughts, which don’t seem to fit very well over on either my political blog (Wake Up) or the blog that I share with my friend Jenn (Of Two Minds). Hopefully I’ll find the time to post to it on a regular basis, though I don’t anticipate keeping up with some of the more prolific posters in the gaming sphere.