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My newest flute

Earlier this year I got my second flute, a Copley & Boegli three piece Delrin flute with silver rings, and I’m very grateful to the kind friend who bought me such an wonderful gift. It’s an amazing instrument, with a strong, rich tone, and the cut of the embouchure hole makes it rather forgiving. If […]

My flute

Currently my only flute is a three-piece, tunable eight-hole low D PVC flute made by Doug Tipple, which I received as a gift. I was skeptical at first about just how good an inexpensive cylindrical flute made from a PVC pipe could be, but the rave reviews on the Chiff & Fipple forums convinced me […]

Along came a flute

Even when I first started learning the tin whistle, I think I always had the idea that someday I wanted to move on to learning to play the Irish (aka simple-system) flute. Don’t get me wrong, the whistle is a great little instrument and lots of fun, but the reason I started with it was […]