My whistles

This is my collection of whistles, all of which fall into the “inexpensive” category. I don’t see myself adding much to this list, though at some point I would like one of Jerry Freeman’s famous Mellow Dog whistles, maybe as a D/C set.

Sweetone D whistle

This was my first whistle, chosen based on the recommendations on the Chiff & Fipple Guide to Inexpensive Whistles. It’s easy to play, and the tone is okay, so I don’t regret starting with this one.

Sweetone C whistle

This came in a set with my Sweetone D, but it’s not nearly as good. I don’t think it’s in tune with itself, and on top of that the tone isn’t particularly pleasant.

Sweetone D whistle, tweaked by Jerry Freeman

This is a Sweetone D that’s been tweaked by the master of whistle tweaking, Jerry Freeman, which has left it much improved. It’s a fun little whistle.

Generation Bb whistle, tweaked by Tommy Dion

A Generation Bb that’s been tweaked by Tommy Dion. While Generation Bb whistles are considered by many to be the best in their key, Generations in general have a reputation as being rather hit or miss in terms of quality. There’s a chance the new Generation you buy will be among the finest whistles you’ll ever own, and a chance it’ll be more or less worthless without a lot of tweaking. I decided to go with one that had been tweaked in advance by Mr. Dion, using what he refers to as the Irvine tweak, in part because it was a good bit less expensive than a similar whistle tweaked by Jerry Freeman. It has a strong, smooth, mellow tone that I like a lot, and overall I’ve been really happy with it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like he’s currently selling them.

Walton D whistle, tweaked by Tommy Dion

A Walton D that’s been tweaked by Tommy Dion, which I got because I was so happy with the tweaked Generation Bb I bought from him. Here’s a review of it that pretty much echoes up my thoughts, and has some pictures too. Unfortunately, Tommy doesn’t currently seem to be selling these either.

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