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Kill journalists, then cover it up.

April 5th, 2010 – 9:02 pm
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Wikileaks released video today of two journalists from Reuters (and several other people) being killed by American troops in Iraq in 2007: [Warning: Video contains graphic violence.] Dan Froomkin observes: Calling it a case of “collateral murder,” the WikiLeaks Web site today released harrowing until-now secret video of a U.S. Army Apache helicopter in Baghdad […]

Stop the D.C. Establishment

September 10th, 2007 – 7:46 pm
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I just signed this petition to help push Congress to carry out its 2006 mandate to end the occupation in Iraq. It’s clear that our leaders, journalists, and so-called experts in DC aren’t going to do anything about this war unless they hear massive public outrage. It’s our duty as citizens to express our anger […]

Same old song and dance

January 10th, 2007 – 9:25 pm
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As I write this President Bush is giving his big speech about sending another twenty-thousand troops to Iraq. He’s disguising the fact that what he’s proposing is merely a change in tactics, rather than any sort of change in strategy. He’s brushing aside the fact that only 12% of American’s (and few in the military) […]

The Al-Jazeera Memo

December 4th, 2005 – 3:36 pm
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I’ve joined those who are willing to publish the infamous memo about bombing al Jazeera if it becomes available. Heard the Word of Blog? Of course, since I’m in the United States, this wouldn’t risk quite the same consequences that it would for a U.K. blogger, but I thought I’d add my name to the […]

Taking on Bush’s propaganda

October 9th, 2005 – 9:26 pm
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Professor Cole has a few issues with President Bush’s speech this past Thursday about the war on terror: Mr. Bush, I don’t recognize the world you paint. I find your speech a form of sheer propaganda, having almost no relationship to reality. And I am very, very worried that you will allow to happen to […]

Bush policies still getting Iraqis killed too

September 14th, 2005 – 7:44 pm
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While the focus is on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, things are still going pretty badly over in Bush’s other big screwup. The death toll in Wednesday’s eight bombings in Baghdad rose to 150, with one bomb in Kadhimiyah accounting for about 114. I can only imagine that hundreds were wounded. It is the second […]

Four years later

September 11th, 2005 – 1:27 pm

Juan Cole on this fourth anniversary of 9/11. Bush has given us the worst of all possible worlds– a half-finished job against al-Qaeda, an Iraqi imbroglio that could still explode into civil or even regional war– and which serves as an al-Qaeda recruiting tool–, a government starved for funds, an enormous windfall for the rich […]

Is the end in sight?

August 15th, 2005 – 10:37 pm
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On Sunday the New York Times published a piece by columnist Frank Rich called “Someone Tell the President the War Is Over.” Nothing that happens on the ground in Iraq can turn around the fate of this war in America: not a shotgun constitution rushed to meet an arbitrary deadline, not another Iraqi election, not […]

Self-sustaining jihad

July 10th, 2005 – 9:20 pm
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When will the war on terror end? According to a new survey of terrorism experts, maybe never. An Associated Press survey of longtime students of international terrorism finds them ever more convinced, in the aftermath of London’s bloody Thursday, that the world has entered a long siege in a new kind of war. They believe […]

The British memo

May 22nd, 2005 – 7:47 pm
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Over at Salon, there’s an excellent article [Salon Daypass required] by Juan Cole about the British memo that proves Bush planned to invade Iraq all along. Tens of thousands of people are dead in Iraq, including more than 1,600 U.S. soldiers and Marines, because of false allegations made by President George W. Bush and Di […]