Same old song and dance

January 10th, 2007 – 9:25 pm
Tagged as: Iraq

As I write this President Bush is giving his big speech about sending another twenty-thousand troops to Iraq. He’s disguising the fact that what he’s proposing is merely a change in tactics, rather than any sort of change in strategy. He’s brushing aside the fact that only 12% of American’s (and few in the military) support this so-called surge. He is carefully avoiding doing anything that resembles taking the advice of the Iraq Study group. He’s going to be sending in troops that are already overworked and still lacking in the proper armor to help protect themselves, in order to reinforce troops that some of his supporters are now accusing of being lazy. Oh, and he’s going to propose tossing another billion dollars into a reconstruction effort that’s been nothing but a money pit, thanks to his cronies from Bechtel and Halliburton (as well as local Iraqi corruption). In other words, it’s more of the same, right down to the tired ranting about terrorists.

Bush doesn’t care how many American soldiers die. He doesn’t care how many billions of taxpayer dollars he’s pissing away. All he cares about is somehow making himself look decisive and resolute, even if he’s on entirely the wrong course. There’s no amount of blood and money that he won’t sacrifice in his desire to never have to admit he’s wrong.

Worst President ever.

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