Past time to change course

July 27th, 2005 – 8:41 pm
Tagged as: Politics

David Sirota has written an excellent piece that does a good job of summing up the damage that the corporate shills in the so-called Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) have done to both the image and the electoral hopes of the Democrats.

The 2008 Democratic presidential candidates this week are busy genuflecting at Corporate America’s altar—otherwise known as the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC). Now, it’s true—the DLC is really just a group of Beltway-insulated corporate-funded hacks who have spent the better part of the last decade trying to undermine the Democratic Party’s traditional working class base—a base that had kept Democrats in power for 40 years and now, thanks to the DLC, has been forfeited to the Republicans. Even so, the fact that these presidential candidates feel the need to bow down to the DLC is a troubling sign about whether the Democratic Party is really serious about regaining power in America.

I think Sirota is dead on when he says that the current battle between the DLC and the real Democratic grassroots (as represented by groups like DFA, NDN and others), is a battle for the soul of the Democratic party. If the DLC wins it’ll mean more long years of watching the Democrats act like Republicans, while at the same time losing election after election.

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