A National ID Card

May 9th, 2005 – 8:58 pm
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What do you do if the majority of Americans don’t want a national ID card? You add it on to a military appropriations bill about which there will be little or no debate, and you call it the REAL ID Act.

The United States is getting a national ID card. The REAL ID Act (text of the bill and the Congressional Research Services analysis of the bill) establishes uniform standards for state driver’s licenses, effectively creating a national ID card. It’s a bad idea, and is going to make us all less safe. It’s also very expensive. And it’s all happening without any serious debate in Congress.

Security expert Bruce Schneier goes on to explain how the REAL ID Act will actually make us less safe, rather than more, and will cost us in both money and privacy.

Want to know how the REAL ID Act will effect you? Check out this handy FAQ provided by Declan McCullagh.

There’s a site set up to coordinate actions to stop all of this, though the general opinion seems to be that it’s too late to keep this national ID card from becoming law. You can still let your Senator know that you’re paying attention though, and that you’ll remember how they vote on Tuesday.

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