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December 13th, 2004 – 9:38 pm
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Apparently the DNC wants the money, energy effort provided by progressive bloggers, but then wants to shut them out when it comes time to work on picking new leadership.

There’s something wrong when the chairs and executive directors go on and on with their praise toward the internet that’s brought millions into the coffers of the DNC, and then turns around and kicks Joe Trippi and his band of bloggers out of the meeting room when the “closed” (edit: closed to the press, but open to the public) Q & A with the DNC Chair candidates occurs. You could have walked right in off the street and into the candidate Hall unencumbered, but if you happened to be a blogger, or the guy who brought the strategy of embracing the small donor activist on the net for the Democratic Party, and he’s got a blog, out you go.

I understand that the leadership is a little confused about just what bloggers are, but treating them like party stalwarts when they’re bringing in money and votes and then ignoring them when there’s a chance they might actually want input is definitely not the way to get the Democratic Party out of the pit it’s managed to dig itself into.

Yet another reason to say:

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