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November 21st, 2004 – 8:41 pm
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I realized today that I haven’t posted here in a couple of weeks, though I’ve been piling up all sorts of things I want to post about. I think that maybe I was anticipating a lull after a Kerry win, and instead it was Bush again and a continuation of the constant daily barrage of idiocy and evil that characterizes this administration. Maybe I’m a little burned out, and maybe I’m more than a little sick of all of the selfish, stupid, narrow-minded bastards who are running this country. In any case, the result was a period of not posting.

To get things started again, I’ll point you toward an excellent post by Julie (she of Sisyphus Shrugged fame) called Rage and it’s discontents.

Then of course there’s the ball of rage which none of these people quite realizes is directly in the center of all this and which it all revolves around, to whit me.

People are dying. We’re going after the sick and the lame and the halt and the different and the dusky because they’re low-hanging fruit and not enough people know what’s going on or care enough about it to make it stop and people are treating all of this like it’s a game of Calvinball – hur hur, worked the ref, moved the goalposts, it’s my ball anyway, clever me, I win, you have to buy the first round and come to think of it the rest of them too. Sack dance.

Which is what I’m angry about. And anything that reminds me about it just taps the wellspring of that rage. Which there’s a lot of. And if maybe a story about Bush saying something stupid or or another example of some social-climbing twit at the Times/Post/CNN/the Washington Monthly fluttering their eyelashes at the status quo because it dines with a better set of people comes to my attention it’s a frail container to have to hold all that rage. Perhaps it’s enough to point out that the image doesn’t reflect the reality. Perhaps it’s corrective to say that if you feel embattled by the Hobbesian direction society is heading in, you should take a good hard look at who is taking it there. Perhaps pouring withering scorn on ANYONE WHO DOESN’T UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS SYMPTOMATIC OF EVERYTHING THAT’S WRONG WITH AMERICA TODAY AND DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT AND DOESN’T FUCKING DO SOMETHING, DAMMIT is a hair, let’s say, disproportionate*

You know, maybe. To some extent.

Anger can be great fuel. It’s counterproductive to flood the engine.

I think I need to take that last line and stick it up on my monitor somewhere.

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