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A joke

October 26th, 2004 – 9:05 pm
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How many Bush administration officials does it take to change a light bulb? None. There’s nothing wrong with that light bulb. There is no need to change anything. We made the right decision and nothing has happened to change our minds. People who criticize this light bulb now, just because it doesn’t work anymore, supported […]

Hunter S. Thompson on Bush

October 26th, 2004 – 8:53 pm
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In a piece written for Rolling Stone, Hunter tells it like it is. I watch three or four frantic network-news bulletins about Iraq every day, and it is all just fraudulent Pentagon propaganda, the absolute opposite of what it says: u.s. transfers sovereignty to iraqi interim “government.” Hot damn! Iraq is finally Free, and just […]

Boing Boing endorses Kerry for President

October 26th, 2004 – 8:44 pm
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One of my favorite weblogs, Boing Boing, has made its pick for President: It may seem odd for a scrapbook to endorse a presidential candidate. But Mark, Cory, Pesco, John and I — the people who keep this scrapbook alive — share the conviction that John Kerry is the candidate best suited to lead America […]

Bush not exactly resonating with the conservative base

October 26th, 2004 – 8:42 pm
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From one of the editorials in the November 8 issue of The American Conservative, which, as you might guess from the name, is a pretty right-wing publication: It is, instead, an election about the presidency of George W. Bush. To the surprise of virtually everyone, Bush has turned into an important president, and in many […]

Some good news

October 24th, 2004 – 9:21 pm
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It seems that as we get down to a mere 10 days before the election, Bush’s internal poll numbers aren’t looking so good.

The Republican spin machine in a nutshell

October 24th, 2004 – 9:08 pm
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This Modern World: Channel surfing

Yes, they do think the voters are that stupid

October 19th, 2004 – 9:33 pm
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While Bush was out urging his audiences to “reject the politics of fear” at the ballot box, what was Cheney saying? The biggest threat we face now as a nation is the possibility of terrorists ending up in the middle of one of our cities with deadlier weapons than have ever before been used against […]

Understanding G.W. Bush

October 19th, 2004 – 8:31 pm
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The always brilliant Teresa Nielsen Hayden has posted one heck of an analysis of G.W. Bush, based on a combination of her own thoughts and the recent scary look at Bush written by Ron Suskind. It’s not cute, and it’s not funny, and it’s not religion. George Bush is running national policy on faith—but it’s […]

Our fearless leader’s latest gaffe

October 17th, 2004 – 11:29 am
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I made it very plain we will not have an all-volunteer army. Sometimes verbal slip-ups reveal a lot. [via Daily Kos, Atrios and others]

Jon Stewart vs. Crossfire

October 16th, 2004 – 10:47 pm
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Here’s a transcript of Jon Stewart’s brilliant appearance on CNN’s Crossfire, and you can also watch the whole thing yourself via various resources on the web. Stewart completely skewers the whole politics-as-pro-wrestling nonsense that passes for debate on Crossfire, and ends up looking like more of a real journalist than either of the pundits he’s […]