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October 29th, 2004 – 7:48 pm
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Good advice from always wise Teresa Nielsen Hayden during the last days of this grueling election season:

1. Be of good cheer. If that means not watching the news, don’t watch it.

2. Polls. Don’t trust them. Spread the word. They tell us it’s closer than it is because it exhausts us.

3. Draft. If anyone asks, say yes, of course they will. They’re not conscripting troops now because they calculated that it would damage Bush’s chances in this election. That’s why 40% of our troops in Iraq are National Guard and Army Reserve—units that were never meant to be thrown into combat in elective overseas wars. That can’t go on. The GAO itself says they can’t raise enough troops that way. Spread the word about the draft, too.

(Footnote: Patrick notes that dodging to Canada won’t work this time. They’ve closed that bolthole. Vote or die.)

4. Tell people about the teams of attack lawyers, and Kerry’s post-election plans. Raise their spirits.

5. Bush & Co. are really good at making people feel crushed. If you feel crushed, it isn’t because the world is an awful place; it’s because you’re picking up Radio Bush. It’s temporary.

6. Be of good cheer.

Personally, I’m feeling really positive about Kerry’s chances at this point, as Bush & Co. have managed to really fumble around during this last full week of the campaign.

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