Gallup is still at it

October 26th, 2004 – 10:19 pm
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So now Gallup comes up with still another Bush over Kerry poll (this time for Florida) which is way off from virtually every other recent poll taken in the state. Why? Once again, it’s that now infamous screwed up Gallup methodology.

Why bother? Well, if you’re not one to instantly dismiss all conspiracy theories, you could say that it’s so that when Kerry wins in Florida next week, the Republicans can point to the difference between the Gallup poll and the actual numbers and cry foul. Or you could say that the big Bush lead in the Gallup numbers is there to prepare the public for the numbers that’ll be the result of the voter suppression and fraud program the Republicans are running in Florida. Either way, it’s pretty clear just who Gallup is working for.

[via Pandagon]

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