Fear of the draft

October 11th, 2004 – 8:45 pm
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This editorial from the Roanoke Times nails the reason the draft issue won’t go away, no matter how hard Bush and the Republicans try to push it aside.

And now Bush assures skeptical young adults that, even after our November election, Uncle Sam won’t need them badly enough to draft them.

That’s what Americans hear from this president. What they see are National Guard members and reservists going to Iraq – more than once – to fill gaps. And they hear from others, including military officers, that the force on the ground is not big enough to pacify Iraq.

And if a crisis arises in Iran or North Korea, the other points on Bush’s “axis of evil”?

“A Pentagon-appointed panel,” The New York Times reported Wednesday, “recently concluded that the military would lack the forces to handle its current combat and stabilization operation if new crises emerged.”

Republicans won’t quell fears of a new draft with political stagecraft.

Young people can see that current U.S. forces aren’t large enough in this world that the Bush Doctrine has wrought.

When he’s already been caught lying about pretty much everything else, why should anyone believe Bush when he says there won’t be a draft?

[via Buzzflash]

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