A few post-debate notes

October 10th, 2004 – 8:35 pm
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I didn’t watch Friday’s debate, mainly because having to see Bush lie, spin or dodge his way through every question (which the moderator lets him get away with it) just gets too annoying. There’s lots of commentary around the blogosphere about how things turned out, and most of it seems to lean toward Kerry winning once again, which is definitely a good thing. Too bad the pundits in the mainstream media still like to spend so much time taking Bush’s lies at face value.

Anyway, Julie of Sisyphus Shrugged has her play-by-play comments from the debate posted here, and they’re well worth a read. Then there’s the host of debate-related posts up on Daily Kos, of which I most recommend reading this one and this one. For something a bit more humorous, check out this pre-debate post by The Rude Pundit about one of the things John Kerry should have said.

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