This means war

October 5th, 2004 – 7:33 pm
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Here’s a great post by my friend Sarah about a conversation she had that made her realize that we were at war with those on the “right.”

Well, respect the other guy, I guess, and fight like a dog to make sure he doesn’t get his way. Because compromise isn’t possible. This is the basic liberal mistake; we assume that the other guy wants what we want, which is to be left alone to do our own thing and not have anybody infringing on his rights.

And he does.

But the rights he doesn’t want infringed on are diametrically opposed to the rights we don’t want infringed on. And he understands that. We can’t have the rights that are important to us if he gets the rights that are important to him. Period. It’s a macrocosm of the abortion debate, and it’s a situation where my lace-curtain Yankee “suit yourself” attitude just doesn’t work.

So, you know, fiftyish white dude with the Chihuahua; I respect you, and I respect your opinions, and I kind of liked talking to you, and I gotta say, you take really good care of your dog and I’m grateful for his sake that you saved him…

…but I’ll fight you in the streets and the gutters and the back rooms and the media and the voting booths, because I don’t trust your paternalistic condescending male self with my independent feminist ass.

So you see, this means war.

They know that. It’s about time we figured it out, too.


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