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Ignore those Gallup polls

September 19th, 2004 – 3:29 pm
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Last week, while both the Pew and Harris polls had the Bush vs. Kerry battle as pretty much a dead heat, Gallup (who provide their poll results to, among others, CNN, USA Today, CBS News and the New York Times) was showing a 55%-42% lead for Bush. Where does that difference come from? It’s caused […]

Kerry needs to talk about Iraq

September 14th, 2004 – 9:21 pm
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While the Bush administration tries to pretend that the situation in Iraq is somehow moving toward some sort of stability, the truth is that things there are just getting worse and worse. Over the weekend there were, by one estimate, 110 dead and 200 wounded, including those who died when an Apache gunship fired on […]

Bush versus Jesus

September 13th, 2004 – 10:47 pm
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Here’s a very funny take on what Bush’s television ads would probably look like if he were running against Jesus. Mad Magazine isn’t usually the place I first look to for insightful political humor, but this one nails it.