And you thought invading Iraq was dumb way to fight terror….

August 8th, 2004 – 8:57 pm
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Why just have an unnecessarily alarming terror alert for political reasons when you can also burn a double agent in al-Queda too?

Why in the world would Bush administration officials out a double agent working for Pakistan and the US against al-Qaeda? In a way, the motivation does not matter. If the Reuters story is true, this slip is a major screw-up that casts the gravest doubts on the competency of the administration to fight a war on terror. Either the motive was political calculation, or it was sheer stupidity. They don’t deserve to be in power either way.

The fact that they outed the double agent has now been confirmed by more than one source, so only thing left to decide is whether it was politics or stupidity that made them do it.

Oh, and that very double agent may well have led to the eventual capture of Bin Laden himself. If, of course, his cover wasn’t blown.

The outing of Khan, probably the most important asset the US has ever had inside al-Qaeda, is a huge disaster and a setback to attempts to finish off the top leadership of al-Qaeda.

This is our Fearless Leader protecting us from terrorism….apparently by outing a major mole in the al-Qaeda ranks in order to help put a scare into the American people that will hopefully counteract the Kerry post-convention bounce in the polls. I feel safer already. Way to go, George!

Now, let’s see if the media will actually take Bush to task for this screw-up. Given their track record, I’m thinking the answer is no.

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