Yep, it’s still the economy, stupid.

July 6th, 2004 – 8:51 pm
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Paul Krugman talks about the fact that what the Bush administration is touting as good economic news really isn’t very good at all.

If you want a single number that tells the story, it’s the percentage of adults who have jobs. When Mr. Bush took office, that number stood at 64.4. By last August it had fallen to 62.2 percent. In June, the number was 62.3. That is, during Mr. Bush’s first 30 months, the job situation deteriorated drastically. Last summer it stabilized, and since then it may have improved slightly. But jobs are still very scarce, with little relief in sight.

Anyone who truly believes that we somehow turned the corner after a couple of months of modestly good job growth in March and April really isn’t paying attention, as this excellent piece from the Center for American Progress points out.

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