Another reason to vote for Kerry

June 1st, 2004 – 9:05 pm
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While President Bush is out on the campaign trail pushing the whole “compassionate conservative” lie again, his administration is making preparations for big post-election cuts to many of the very programs that he’s talking up.

It has long been clear that the Bush administration’s claim that it can simultaneously pursue war, large tax cuts and a “compassionate” agenda doesn’t add up. Now we have direct confirmation that the White House is engaged in bait and switch, that it intends to pursue a not at all compassionate agenda after this year’s election.

That agenda is to impose Dooh Nibor economics — Robin Hood in reverse. The end result of current policies will be a large-scale transfer of income from the middle class to the very affluent, in which about 80 percent of the population will lose and the bulk of the gains will go to people with incomes of more than $200,000 per year.

Yes, tax cuts for the rich (and money for the Iraq quagmire) will be balanced off by cutting programs that help the elderly, the poor, veterans, and any other group Bush thinks he can get away with screwing over. He’s just willing to lie about it until he gets himself re-elected.

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