How is this supposed to make us safer?

May 23rd, 2004 – 8:51 pm
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Bush has apparently succeeded in convincing the Muslim world of one thing….that he is their enemy.

I said the other day I thought Bush was pushing Europe to the left with his policies. I think he is at the same time pushing the Shiite world to the radical Right, and I fear my grandchildren will still be reaping the whirlwind that George W. Bush is sowing in the city of Imam Husain. I concluded in early April that Bush had lost Iraq. He has by now lost the entire Muslim world.

The President’s exceedingly foolish decision to order the arrest of radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr elevated al-Sadr to new heights of popularity, and then engage in heavy combat with al-Sadr’s followers in cities that are holy to the Shiites, is doing nothing to either make the situation in Iraq more stable or to make it less likely that young Muslim men will join terror groups to strike against the U.S. Just when you think the Bush administration can’t screw up things in Iraq any more than it already has, they manage to sink to new lows of incompentence.

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