Julie translates the President’s position on gas prices

May 19th, 2004 – 8:00 pm
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Julie, over on the always excellent Sisyphus Shrugged, does a fine job of translating the bullshit answers President Bush is giving when asked if he’ll stop shipments to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (which is already fuller than it has ever been since it was established) in order to help lower the current ridiculously high price for a barrel of oil.

A huge Republican donor has been offered the contract to supply oil to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, so even though the reserves are pretty much full, we’re going to keep buying oil at the current ridiculous prices, of which our donor will keep a cut. Any suggestion that we should not be spending money we don’t have and creating artificial scarcity to drive up prices even further is, of course, blatantly political.

Hereinafter, the administration will only respond to imaginary Democratic demands that the reserves be emptied. We vehemently oppose this non-existent request and will fight it to the limits of our strength, as we feel we are at our best fighting imaginary opponents.

In closing, we really suck, and we suggest you do not vote for us.

The most amazing part of this is that while the Bush administration is blatantly wrong, and risks putting the brakes on whatever economic recovery might be happening, both the media and the brainwashed Bush supporters seem to be willing to give him a pass on it. Again.

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