Hearts and minds

May 3rd, 2004 – 7:53 pm
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Teresa Nielsen Hayden has written an eloquent (and informative) post about Abu Ghraib for her weblog, Making Light.

I’ve taken down my flags and put them away until after the war is over. I love my flag and my country as much as ever, but I’m mourning actions that have been committed by our troops, under our banner.

She includes plenty of excellent links, but perhaps the most important part of her post is the conclusion she comes to that we have now lost the war.

It is now impossible for us to win this war. I’ve thought so ever since the Iraqis’ spontaneous mass resupply of Fallujah in the first week of April. When the other side is getting the miracles, it’s time to think seriously about bailing. And they did; no doubt about it…..Mind, all that was before they saw the souvenir snapshots of our troops grinning while they tortured and humiliated Iraqi prisoners.

I agree. There is no way that we will now ever convince the majority of Iraqis (or the rest of the Arab world) that we are there to help them, especially given the weak response of the Bush administration to this latest outrage. The administration may have pulled back from a bloody, all-out assault on Fallujah (at least for now) because they had some idea of just how bad massacring more civilians would make them look, but they still really just don’t get this whole hearts and minds thing.

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