They gave their lives

April 20th, 2004 – 10:05 pm
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Flag-draped coffins

A fitting caption came from this Livejournal post:

Just in case that view looks a bit impersonal, take a moment to reflect that each and every one of those flags is wrapped around a hole in a family that can never be mended. Each will in a little while be neatly folded and handed over to a mother, a wife, a child who used to have a pillar of strength and pride and now has a memory that cuts to the bone and a hatful of empty platitudes about the nobility of an empty cause.

Remember also that this is a photo that the Bush administration didn’t want you to see. They want the dead soldiers to be forgotten, so the people of America won’t rise up and demand an end to the occupation of Iraq.

[photo via The Seattle Times and several weblogs]

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