Same old song and dance

April 15th, 2004 – 11:37 pm
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I didn’t watch the President’s Tuesday press conference myself, though from the clips I’ve seen and what I’ve read Bush was his usual bumbling self, and failed to say anything new about anything. Here’s the Center for American Progress’ take on the press conference:

In a nationally televised press conference last night, President Bush “steadfastly refused to admit mistakes and passed up opportunities to explain what it will take to achieve his goal of a free and stable Iraq.” Additionally, while he “acknowledged a good deal of introspection after all the questions about his actions before the Sept. 11 attacks,” he offered “not a whiff of contrition” for his Administration’s role in the worst national security breakdown in American history. The event was “more theater than substance” in which the President “offered no shocking new policy initiatives” and instead used “the language and zeal of a missionary” to implore Americans to continue on his increasingly chaotic and directionless path in Iraq. But with Bush’s approval ratings hitting a new low, the event did nothing to quell the growing questions Americans have about the Administration’s national security credentials.

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