How some of those on the right deal with the truth

April 8th, 2004 – 9:07 am
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Here’s what Cory Doctorow (of Boing Boing, EFF, and spec fic fame) had to say about the attacks on Kathryn Cramer’s blog:

Kathryn Cramer, the investigative blogger who tracked down a lot of the information on the use of hired mercenaries to fight in Iraq under the guise of “civilian contractors,” has found herself under attack by the readers of Little Green Footballs, apparently at the behest of proprietor Charles Johnson (who took a cheap shot at Boing Boing yesterday — thanks for the traffic, Charles), whom he calls his “lizardoid minions.” One of the goons posting to Kathryn’s blog is a member of the California Bar; Kathryn’s doing what needs to be done to see to it that this breach of professional ethics is thoroughly documented and brought to the attention of the Bar’s Ethics Committee.

Apparently these guys think the correct response to the release of accurate information that makes the U.S. government look less than stellar is to launch a “hate-spam” (as Kathryn calls it) attack on those responsible. What a bunch of idiots. Of course, they’re just following the example of their fearless leader, as personal attacks tend to be how the White House deals with its critics.

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