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Say what?

April 30th, 2004 – 11:34 pm
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Apparently those of us who oppose the U.S. policy in Iraq are racists. As Joshua of Talking Points says: This is from a brief press availability the president gave this morning with Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin … There’s a lot of people in the world who don’t believe that people whose skin color may […]

Remembering the dead is anti-war

April 29th, 2004 – 10:51 pm
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On Friday night, a special edition of ABC’s Nightline will show the names and photographs of more than 500 soldiers who have died in Iraq. Apparently some supporters of the war think remembering those who have died is just a political stunt, and so one media corporation has told the ABC affiliates it owns not […]

A reason to like Howard Stern?!

April 29th, 2004 – 10:36 pm
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Okay, maybe not like him, but at least it’s a reason to not dislike him as much as I used to: these days, stern’s broadcasts are divided between his usual schtick — interviews with strippers, off-color song parodies, jokes about celebrities — and rants against the president. stern will never be mistaken for a policy […]

Catching up on TMW

April 26th, 2004 – 6:59 pm
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In much the same way that I’ve fallen behind on posting to Wake Up this April, I’ve also fallen behind on reading Tom Tomorrow’s This Modern World. He’s had a few especially fine ones this month: This Modern World: Actionable Intelligence This Modern World: Talking Points This Modern World: A Terrifying Election

Some mistakes can’t be easily fixed

April 26th, 2004 – 6:52 pm
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Last week Billmon over at Whiskey Bar posted an excellent piece that confronts whether or not the invasion of Iraq is a mistake that will haunt us a lot longer than we might think. But after listening to the various conference speakers — academic scholars, mostly, with a smattering of defense analysts — I’m starting […]

They gave their lives

April 20th, 2004 – 10:05 pm
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A fitting caption came from this Livejournal post: Just in case that view looks a bit impersonal, take a moment to reflect that each and every one of those flags is wrapped around a hole in a family that can never be mended. Each will in a little while be neatly folded and handed over […]

I’m glad someone gets this democracy thing

April 20th, 2004 – 6:52 pm
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“Driven by the deepest democratic convictions, the government does not want to, cannot and will not act against or behind the backs of the will of the Spanish people.” — Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero This after he calmly declared that he was pulling Spanish troops out of Iraq, much to the delight of […]

A national ID card just won’t work

April 18th, 2004 – 8:08 pm
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Some people think it’s worth the privacy loss and hassle if a national ID card can make us safer. The problem, according to Bruce Schneier, is that a national ID card would actually make us less secure (and still cost us privacy and hassle). The potential privacy encroachments of an ID card system are far […]

Under siege

April 18th, 2004 – 7:34 pm
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What’s it like in Fallujah while the American troops try to pacify it? Well, there’s this: Screaming women come in, praying, slapping their chests and faces. Ummi, my mother, one cries. I hold her until Maki, a consultant and acting director of the clinic, brings me to the bed where a child of about ten […]

Just clueless, or a complete looney?

April 17th, 2004 – 9:58 am
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What do you do for an encore when you’re already managing to unite the Sunnis and Shiites of Iraq in their hatred of the U.S.? Why, you abandon even the pretense of being a fair and balanced referee in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in hopes of getting the rest of the Arab world mad at you! […]