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March 14th, 2004 – 1:08 pm
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Julie of Sisyphus Shrugged posts about the newest wave of Republican whining:

Proposition the first: It is best not to take helpful advice on the Marquess of Queensbury rules from someone who wears their belt on their hat.

This is particularly true if the helpful advice involves wrapping your own belt around your knees.

Proposition the second: there is a country, and for that matter, a world, full of people out there who have no way to defend themselves from the Bush administration and their friends on the Hill and their mutual friends with all the money, who have shown themselves willing to defy sense, propriety, the common good and the law in the pursuit of the most narrowly defined and destructive self-aggrandisement.

They have the largest war chest in history to defend themselves, and nothing would delight me more than watching them spend it early on in the contest setting the record straight on what they feel are unfair spins and misstatements of fact and misplaced emphases.

Proposition the third: Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it?

With that in mind, I respectfully decline to initiate or promote Republican talking points by “fisking” my own side in intraparty conflicts, unless it’s to say things like “lower” or “to the left a bit.”

I take direct threats to the future of my child and my country quite personally. Whatever respect points I could get from my opponents for quixotically acting against my self-interest would be coming from people whose respect is both far too cheap and far too expensive.

Possibly it’s a girl thing.

All the indicators show that the eyes are moving towards anti-Bush blogs. I think we’ve all worked too hard for that to happen to turn around and volunteer to carry Professor Reynolds’ water for him out of some misguided sense of proportion. Taking a position halfway between the current state of politics and what it will take to fix things is not moderation. It’s being up to your knees in the septic tank.

And nothing would delight me more than the sight of the triumphalist happy warriors of the right, who have spent the last three years adjuring America and the world to suck it up, whining about the unfairness of it all like a playground bully who had everyone else’s lunch money taken away from them after school.

JMO, of course.

*applause* I couldn’t agree more.

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