Ralph’s running, but who cares?

February 22nd, 2004 – 2:55 pm
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Ralph Nader announced today that he’s going to run for President again, and some people are acting like it actually matters. As though a man who wasn’t able to get very much of the vote in 2000 as the standard bearer for the Green Party is now going to suck away enough votes from the Democratic nominee to keep Bush in office for another four years. Let’s all remember the fact that lots of people who voted for Nader the last time around, including me, did so because they wanted to support the rise of a third party in American politics, not because they thought Nader would make a wonderful President. Let’s also remember that it was Florida’s Secretary of State and the Supreme Court, not people who voted for Nader, who cost Al Gore the election.

If people would just ignore Ralph, he’d fade into the same obscurity that most of the other independent candidates suffer from. Maybe the people who are filled with righteous outrage that he would dare run again should just focus their energies on other, more important, things.

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