Failure(s) of intelligence

February 22nd, 2004 – 2:11 pm
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Over at Sisyphus Shrugged, Julie does a good job of covering the current information about the intelligence situation regarding Iraq, then and now.

To sum up: We paid biased sources, whose bias we did not identify, for what turned out to be bad information, only some of which we handed over to the people who were supposed to be making the decision, and based on the incomplete and inaccurate information they were given, Congress agreed with us and the Security Council, while it did not agree with us, did take out the weapons inspectors before we started shooting at them. While it turns out that the UN sanctions actually worked, we like our way better and we’ve arranged for the information we get in the future to support us in this.

There are lots of links and info in her post before she gets to her summary of the situation, so go and read it all. This isn’t about the CIA being incompetent, it’s about the politicians folding, spindling and mutilating the truth to get the results they want to support their policies.

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