Some things we do have the money for

February 18th, 2004 – 7:28 pm
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Julie over at Sisyphus Shrugged has the right response to the idea that the Republicans need 5000 troops to guard their convention in NYC:

Special, is it not? No money for first responders, no money for building decontamination, no money for airport security, no money for increased security to cover the costs of their pointless homeland security threat levels, no money for lost jobs, no money for education, no money for body armor, no money to feed our soldiers undecayed food.

Money for real needs, though. Money to bring five thousand armed soldiers to New York to protect the party in power from the citizens of their own country.

You know, the same citizens the terrorists attacked while Our Fearless Leader was flying around the country with a broken phone wetting his pants staring out the window of his private plane with grim determination for the nice photographer.

This is New York, morons. Tourists are our business.

After three years of being bled by your administration and your Great and Good Friend Governor Pataki and the costs of cleaning up after a terrorist attack with only the most minimal and grudging help from a federal government which is pleased and proud to take our money away and hand it to their constituents while using us as a national symbol of fiscal incontinence, we can use the money.

In the immortal words of a popular tshirt of my youth, Welcome to New York. Leave your money and go home.

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