The National Guard saga continues

February 11th, 2004 – 9:13 pm
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See White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan bob and weave, and the White House press corp actually presses him on the issue of Bush’s service records. Apparently a few pay stubs that don’t really prove much weren’t enough to satisfy the reporters.

Also see Richard Cohen write in his Washington Post column [registration required]:

In the end, I wound up in the Army Reserve. I was assigned to units for which I had no training — tank repairman, for instance. In some units, we sat around with nothing to do and in one we took turns delivering antiwar lectures. The National Guard and the Reserves were something of a joke. Everyone knew it. Books have been written about it. Maybe things changed dramatically by 1972, two years after I got my discharge, but I kind of doubt it.

I have no shame about my service, but I know it for what it was — hardly the Charge of the Light Brigade. When Bush attempts to drape the flag of today’s Guard over the one he was in so long ago, when he warns his critics to remember that “there are a lot of really fine people who have served in the National Guard and who are serving in the National Guard today in Iraq,” then he is doing now what he was doing then: hiding behind the ones who were really doing the fighting. It’s about time he grew up.

All Bush had to do is what every other Presidential candidate has done….release all of his service records. Instead it’s just selective bits, in hopes that if he screws around long enough the media will get distracted and wander off. That shows some real character.

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