Shafting the veterans

February 6th, 2004 – 8:53 pm
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Repeat after me. George Bush does not support our troops.

The Bush Administration’s 2004 budget proposed gutting Veterans Administration (VA) services, including health care funding. Proposed cuts included: denying at least 360,000 veterans access to health care; $250 annual premiums; increased pharmacy co-payments; a 30 percent increased primary care co-payments; and increased waiting time for a first medical appointment.

This is the same man who tries to use “support our troops” as a rallying cry for his war against Iraq. The same man who went AWOL while he was in the Texas Air National Guard. The same man who refuses to go to the funerals of the men and women who have died serving in Iraq. Anyone who really thinks this guy supports our troops is deluding themselves.


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    I have been involved since March 2002 in a dispute with the VA over their billing procedures, which is in violation of 38 USC 1722a, specifically paragraph 2. The message I send to veterans. Which reads…Title 38 USC Sec. 1722A. “Paragraph (a)(1) subject to paragraph (2), the Secretary shall require a veteran to pay the United States $7.00 for each 30 day supply of medicine…if the amount supplied is less than a 30 day supply the amount of the charge may not be reduced.”

    Paragraph 2. “The Secretary may not require a veteran to pay an amount in excess of the cost to the Secretary for medication as described in paragraph 1.”

    Veterans who receive VA medication requiring pill splitting, you are being over-charged. Look up and read 38 USC 1722a, if your interested. Paragraph 2 will tell you, veterans’ do not have to pay, “an excess of the cost” for medication. However, for over two years I had deducted these excess over-charges from my VA payments, all the while continuously and vigorously protesting this penalty. After my participation on GCN radio’s, “The Veterans Hour” the Treasury Department advised they would “off-set” this alleged indebtedness. I coughed up. The VA seized these over-charges, my property, without explanation or due process, in violation of the 5th and 14th Amendments.

    I advised Hines VA hospital I am going to file an appeal with the Veterans Board of Appeals and as required, a denial of my claim is needed from them. With laws, factors, and regulations in making their determination. Also, the veterans advocate, advised me that the VA billing system does not recognize paragraph 2. In other words, the VA knowingly cheats, defrauds, ignores, and violates the law by taking your money illegally. To date, I have not received a reply as to my request from the Hines VA legal Department. Their silence, confirms your doubts, as to my claim, and it’s accuracy. In violation of the 1st Amendment (my right to petition the government to redress grievances), they have not answered or explained. I find I am at a point where I have, as well as all veteran’s, lost all Constitutional rights, as I had just described.

    Having been invited by Chicago 11th Ward Aldermen James Balcer, I provided testimony regarding this matter on Dec. 14th 2004 before the Chicago City Council Committee on Health matters concerning benefits provided to Illinois disabled veterans by the Veterans Administration.

    William H. Heino Sr.
    522 Lincoln Lane Apt. 2 South
    Frankfort, Illinois 60423

    Comment made by william heino sr. on January 4, 2005 @ 10:40 am

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    Your Veterans Administration at Work……in Chicago, by Sun-Times reporter Cheryl Reed Staff Reporter

    12/3/04 Chicago Sun-Times HEADLINE “Wounded Illinois Veterans at Bottom in U.S. for Benefits.” “More injured soldiers are surviving Iraq, but when they return, they can expect to battle one of the stingiest VA offices in the nation.”

    12/4/04 Chicago Sun-Times HEADLINE “Congressmen Push Vet Benefit Reform.”
    “Responding to a Sun-Times investigation and calling the situation ‘intolerable’ Gov. Blagojevich and Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill,) demand to know why Illinois’ wounded veterans receive among the least disability pay in the nation.”

    12/5/04 Chicago Sun-Times HEADLINE “I’m Never Going to be the Same, But at Least I’m Alive” Spec. Gabe Garriga. “Responding to a Chicago Sun-Times investigation, the head of the federal Veterans Affairs Department in Washington says he will come to Chicago and address why Illinois wounded soldiers receive among the lowest disability pay in the country.”

    EDITORIAL “ VA’S Chicago office dishonors veterans.”

    12/10/04 Chicago Sun-Times “Nearby states play it cheap with disabled vets.”

    12/9/04 Chicago Sun-Times AP Washington “..Veterans Affairs Secretary Anthony Principi told his staff he is resigning…”

    12/9/04 Chicago Sun-Times “Congress digging into Illinois benefits claims.” “Ex-VA official defends system, says fraud is a major concern.”

    12/10/04 Chicago Sun-Times “Illinois congressmen seek answers on vets.”

    12/11/04 Chicago Sun-Times “VA chief orders inspector to probe disability rating system.”

    12/13/04 Chicago Sun-Times “Investigator: Chicago VA ‘doing better”

    12/15/04 Chicago Sun-Times “Local Vets Have Been Getting Raw Deal for 20 Years” “More than a 100 veterans showed up at City Hall (Chicago) to share their frustrations with the Veterans Affairs office here.” Viet Nam Veteran, David Rogers, “When we come home injured, when we come home disfigured, discombobulated, what kind of treatment are you going to give our sons and daughters?”

    12/29/04 Chicago Sun-Times “Vets at Meeting VA Ducking Questions” “Others described lonely, desperate fights to get the VA doctors to diagnose mysterious ailments and then get disability raters to admit their diseases were related to military service..”

    12/26/04 Chicago Sun-Times HEADLINE “Low VA Payouts Go Back 70 Years” “Illinois has been near the bottom for wounded veterans benefits since 1934”

    Comment made by william heino sr on January 4, 2005 @ 10:43 am

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