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More on the Bush in 30 Seconds contest

January 9th, 2004 – 7:17 pm
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I’ve watched all of the finalists, and my favorite ads are: 1) Human Cost of War 2) Child’s Pay 3) Hood Robbin’ UPDATE (02/12/2004): Child’s Play was the winner!

Finalists for Bush in 30 Seconds

January 6th, 2004 – 11:11 pm
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The 15 finalists have been selected for the Bush in 30 Seconds contest, sponsored by MoveOn Voter Fund. I haven’t had a chance to see all 15 ads yet, but the ones I have seen are great. Go take a look.

The war pigs

January 5th, 2004 – 10:01 pm
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Because Afghanistan and Iraq have proven to be such wonderful success stories, the neo-cons closed out 2003 by pushing to take on even more nations. President George W Bush was sent a public manifesto yesterday by Washington’s hawks, demanding regime change in Syria and Iran and a Cuba-style military blockade of North Korea backed by […]

It has begun

January 5th, 2004 – 9:46 pm
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If you live in one of eight states (plus D.C.), including Michigan, that allow early voting, you can now vote in the upcoming Democratic primary for your state!

This Modern World: Dean Can’t Win

January 3rd, 2004 – 10:32 pm
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It’s funny. Read it.

The spoilers

January 3rd, 2004 – 8:56 pm
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Paul Krugman expresses his opinion about the attacks the other Democrats have been making on Howard Dean: The irony is that by seeking to undermine the election prospects of a man who may well be their party’s nominee, Mr. Lieberman and Mr. Kerry have reminded us of why their once-promising campaigns imploded. Most Democrats feel, […]

A suggestion for a New Year’s Resolution

January 2nd, 2004 – 9:29 pm
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For those of you who follow the tradition of making a New Year’s Resolution, I have a suggestion. Resolve to vote this year. It’s easy to register to vote in most states, and, despite what some people like to tell you, your vote does matter. I’m not going to go into a long rant about […]