The truth about the Bush administration

January 13th, 2004 – 7:01 pm
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Columnist Paul Krugman thinks the time has come for Bush-backers to admit the awful truths about our fearless leader.

People are saying terrible things about George Bush. They say that his officials weren’t sincere about pledges to balance the budget. They say that the planning for an invasion of Iraq began seven months before 9/11, that there was never any good evidence that Iraq was a threat and that the war actually undermined the fight against terrorism.

But these irrational Bush haters are body-piercing, Hollywood-loving, left-wing freaks who should go back where they came from: the executive offices of Alcoa, and the halls of the Army War College.

The past few days have seen a lot of new revelations about the Bush administration (or confirmations of what some people believed all along), many of them thanks to the new book about former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill. His behind the scenes look at the early days of the Bush White House are scary indeed, so of course the Bushites have responded with smears about his character and a pathetic investigation about a supposedly classified document O’Neill had with him during his recent 60 Minutes interview. That’s how the administration deals with people who tell the truth, even while their boss is out there admitting that O’Neill is right.

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