The spoilers

January 3rd, 2004 – 8:56 pm
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Paul Krugman expresses his opinion about the attacks the other Democrats have been making on Howard Dean:

The irony is that by seeking to undermine the election prospects of a man who may well be their party’s nominee, Mr. Lieberman and Mr. Kerry have reminded us of why their once-promising campaigns imploded. Most Democrats feel, with justification, that we’re facing a national crisis — that the right, ruthlessly exploiting 9/11, is making a grab for total political dominance. The party’s rank and file want a candidate who is running, as the Dean slogan puts it, to take our country back. This is no time for a candidate who is running just because he thinks he deserves to be president.

I agree, though I think I’d phrase my objections in stronger terms than Krugman does. Some of the other Democratic candidates seem to have decided that it’d be better to have G.W. Bush be President for another four years than it would be to risk Howard Dean winning the nomination. In my mind this pretty much proves that they are just power-hungry little bastards who care more for their own careers than they do for either their country or their party.

[via Atrios]

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