Asking the soft questions

December 30th, 2003 – 10:58 pm
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A great piece from the New York Press about the pathetic White House press corps(e):

Reporters argue that they have no choice. They’ll say they can’t protest or boycott the staged format, because they risk being stripped of their seat in the press pool. For the same reason, they say they can’t write anything too negative. They can’t write, for instance, “President Bush, looking like a demented retard on the eve of war…” That leaves them with the sole option of “working within the system” and, as they like to say, “trying to take our shots when we can.”

But the White House press corps’ idea of “taking a shot” is David Sanger asking Bush what he thinks of British foreign minister Jack Straw saying that regime change was not necessarily a war goal. And then meekly sitting his ass back down when Bush ignores the question.

They can’t write what they think, and can’t ask real questions. What the hell are they doing there? If the answer is “their jobs,” it’s about time we started wondering what that means.

That pretty much sums up the problem. The reporters covering the White House have become so scared of being “shut out” that they don’t have the guts to actually ask any worthwhile questions, which means the Bush White House gets a pass on pretty much everything. The article is well worth a read.

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