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December 15th, 2003 – 8:46 pm
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Ezra over at Pandagon talks about the results of Sunday’s ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Saddam didn’t make Bush invincible, in fact, it barely did anything for him at all. People seem quite locked in their opinions, tired of the war over there, and resistant to being swayed by every piece of good news. Contrast that with a couple months ago, when all good things that happened threw Bush back into stratospheric levels, and the bad barely hurt him. I don’t care what the Right says, 2004 is wide-fucking-open.

Apparently the American people see the capture of Saddam Hussein as a good thing, but, contrary to what some in the media seem to want you to believe, that doesn’t translate into them suddenly all thinking Bush walks on water (unless, of course, they already thought that).

Oh, and I highly recommend reading Pandagon on a regular basis. I just discovered it yesterday, and I think Jesse and Ezra are doing a great job.

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